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Sunday, June 2, 2013

literature analysis

Fahrenhiet 451
1)This story was about a world where books didnt exsist anymore.  Having books was against the law and if you had them youd get your house burnt down, but some people wanted to stand up against this and stand up for what they believe in just like the old woman who burned with her house and her books.  Guy Montag was the main character and he was a fireman who took a book from the womans house and kept it and tried keeping it a secrete until his wife who he had no relationship with found it.  Captain beatty knew that he was hiding something when Montag called in sick and didnt go to work for a while so he went snooping around to see what he was hiding.  Montag got caught by Caotain Beatty and he ended up having a whole room of books and went on a run because beatty let him go.  the town ended up getting blown up and montag met a few proffesors on the woods.
2)The novel of the book was that you need to stand  up for what you believe in and never give up.  If you truley believe in something then you need to do whatever it takes to make a statement.
3)The tone of the story was very eager because montag wanted to stop the fact that books were being banned when they were a whole new world of wonder and people couldnt even own one.
4)Flashback- Montag has a flashback to how he first met Clarrise.
Irony- Firefighters are supposed to put out fires but in this story they start them and then they put them out.

1)direct characterization- Faber was a direct character because he did change at all he was all about books and his point of view never change.  Clarrise was a also a direct character because she did like that montag was hiding books and she was just mean and ignorant.
indirect characterization- montag was an indirect character because at the begining of the book he was all about making sure that books werent in the city and that books need to be burnt. another indirect character was captain beatty because he was so strict and wouldnt let anything slide and in the end he let montag go when he founf out that he was hiding books.
2)The authors syntax does not change because thoughout the whole book its about breaking the rules and it doesnt change.
3)The protagonsist was montag and he was a dynamic character because he changed from being a fireman who was about making sure people were following the rules books were not present to being a person who was fighting for books and breaking all of the rules.
4)After reading this book i came out feeling like I knew montag because i felt his struggles and how much he was trying to fight for what he believes in.

Future me

literature analysis

The Great Gatsby
1)The Great Gatsby was about a man with the name of Jay Gatsby.  He lived all alone in this big house and he always had huge parties in hopes that hed be invited to someone elses party.  He  had a neighbor with the name of Nick.  Gatsby and Nick because friends and were always together.  Nick knew a guy named tom who had a wife with the name of Daisey.  Tom was cheating on Daisey with his mistress in New York.  Gatsby and Daisey met through  Nick and it turned out that Gatsby and Daisey knew each other and havent seen one another in 5 years.  They used to be lovers and Gatsby has been looking for her ever since they parted.  Daisey was put in the middle of a fight  between Tom and Gatsby because she loved both of them and wanted to be with both of them but she couldnt be.  Daisey went to a party with everbody and it just turned really bad because tom and Gatsby was fighting about Daisey and to see who would get her.  Tom left and took Gatcbys car while gatsby took his.  A lady was hit by a car and killed and it ended up being Daisey because she was with Gatsby and the womens husband thought it was Gatsby so he went to his house while he was swimming and killed him.  Nick Tried having a funneral for Gatsby but nobody wanted to go.
2)The theme of the book would have to be just to move on. Gatsby didnt move on and it resulted in hium dieing.  If he would have just forgot anout Daisey or just left her alone when he found out she was married everything would have been fine and he would have still been living.
3)I think that the author had a very determined tone.  He wouldnt stop at anything until Gatsby had Daisey.  He added so many conflicts to get her to be with him and showed how much love can take a person to take the most extremities.
4)Foreshadowing- In the begining of the story there was a foreshadow of the car accident that ended up happening toward the end of the story.
Climax- The climax of the story was when Tom and Gatsby had Daisey decide who she wanted to be with and they were fighting about who she loved and who she was going to choose.
Flashback- Tom was having flashbacks of all the happy times that he and Daisey had and how much he thought they were in love when in reality Daisey didnt love him.
Mood- The mood of the story was very tense because there was so much conflict between everybody because everyone had some type of secrete that everyone knew but they didnt want to admit it.

1)Gatsby was an indirect character because we thought that he was just a partier and was very stuck up but in the end we found out that he was very caring and all he wanted to do was find the woman that he loved.  Daisey was an indirect character because at first she was really quite and just really sweet but we were able to see the side of her that no one thought they would.  she cheated on Tom and loved Gatsby too.  She wasnt so quiet anymore she wanted everyone to know how she really felt.  Nick was a direct character he was just the guy who wasnt to talkative and was just there.  Tom was also a direct character because he was a jerk all the way all the time. 
2)The Authors syntax does change toward Gatsby because at first he was a normal rich guy but in the end he was sincere and loving
3)The protagonist was a dynamic character.  He went through a lot by losing the one he loves and having to go on a journrey to find her.
4)When i was done reading this book i really felt like I had met Gatsby he had so much going for him and all that he had been through just made me see how he felt.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


All of these articles I feel had different perspectives. They all had a different of who was racing and it showed that through different people eyes you see the different worlds like in these articles it was form the view of the outsiders and also from the view of the rider.  The rider shows the excitement of being able to ride and all that goes on.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnny cyberpunk

Johnny has a chip in his head that saves memory and he meets a girl named Molly.   Johnnys bank gets broken into and molley attacks Lewis.   I feel this stpry is xyber punk because it's so unusual and it doesn't really follow natural human acts like putting memory chips into our heads.